5 Steps – How to create apps make money passively

Android and IOS is a dominating platforms for this modern society, Even a 8 year old kids owning a Mobile device and having excellent knowledge about how to use the Mobile applications by its own. Do you know how that apps make money? or do you wish to know how to own a passive income making apps / How to create an app for making passive income for you? let discus.

The best way to create an app for passive income will vary depending on the type of app you want to create and the platform you want to build it on.

However, some tips on how to create also how apps make money passively :

1. Choose the right platform.

There are a number of different platforms you can build your app on, including iOS, Android, Windows, and web. Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the one that’s best suited for your app. For example, if you want to create an app that’s only available on mobile devices, then you’ll want to build it on a platform like iOS or Android.

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google, based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open source software and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

What is IOS?

IOS (formerly iPhone OS) is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. It is the operating system that presently powers many of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Difference between Android and IOS

There are several major differences between Android and iOS:

1. Android is an open source operating system, which means that anyone can develop and release software for it without having to go through a rigorous approval process. This can lead to a lot of low-quality or malicious apps making their way onto the Google Play Store.

2. Because Android is so open, manufacturers are free to customize it however they like for their devices. This can lead to a lot of fragmentation, where different devices running different versions of Android have different features and functionality.

3. Android is often criticized for being laggy and bloated, especially compared to iOS. This is due to the fact that Android is designed to run on a wide range of devices with different specifications, whereas iOS is designed specifically for the iPhone and iPad.

4. Android is a target for malware and other security threats due to its open nature. This is something that Google is working to improve, but it is still a concern for many users.

Benefits of IOS: –

1.IOS is more secure when it compared to the Android. APPLE has strong app publisher team who checks the spam and scam apps and strictly avoid when they entered to the APPSTORE.

2.IOS is faster and smoother than Android because of well optimized hardware’s and software’s.

3.IOS has better app quality than Android because of less spam apps and simplified OS.

IOS has better customer support than Android because APPLE always cares the consumers.

2. Find a niche market.

It’s important to find a niche market for your app, as this will help you to target your app more effectively and make it more likely to be successful. Try to choose a niche market that’s not too competitive and that has a need for the type of app you want to create.

You should provide value for your app users to come back regularly. To that you should find a niche that very familiar to you or your so expert to it. It doesn’t matter it can be food related, communication (WhatsApp, IMO) or entertainment (Games) purpose but there should be a value to reopen the app daily.

3. Create a high-quality app.

It’s important to create an app that’s high quality and that provides value to users. This means ensuring that your app is well-designed, easy to use, and has useful features. If your app is high quality, people will be more likely to use it and recommend it to others, which will help you to generate passive income.

Before entering how your apps make money you should focus the Design and User Interface for your app. Why is important because Imagine your favorite app taking long time to complete simple task (ex: If you wanna give likes to the post you should type it). Also focus on colors, this is the way to connect with your users emotions. Just think home with no paint, Its bit boring right? So make sure your app simple and attractive.

4. Promote your app.

Once you’ve created your app, you need to promote it in order to generate downloads and generate passive income. There are a number of ways to promote your app, including paid advertising and social media marketing.

As a Procashwallet follower you know how marketing are important when it comes to passive income and how it impact the business. Share the details of your app with your close friends and gather the feedback. Its very important and useful when it comes to increase the Downloads and Updates for your app. Spend some time and money to get positive reviews for your app also don’t hesitate to ask suggestions to improve the app.

5. Monetize your app.

There are a number of different ways to monetize your app, including in-app purchases, advertising, and subscriptions. It’s important to choose the right monetization strategy for your app and to ensure that it doesn’t negatively impact the user experience.

Commonly apps make money from the adds which displays inside the app. For that you can use google Admob account and from that you will receive money once it reach above 100$ every month directly to your bank account.

Remember apps make money only with numbers of users. If you have lots of users you get lots of money this is the thing you should remember every time.

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